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Competitive Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

(1) Electronics

Distributed mainly in districts of Huangpu, Tianhe, Panyu, Huadu and Nansha, the city’s electronics manufacturing is quite competitive in panel display, equipment for base station of mobile communication, equipment of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, optoelectronic all-in-one printer, cellphone camera, and digital audio and video products.

(2) Petrochemistry

Distributed in districts of Huangpu and Nansha, the city’s petrochemical industry, with leading upstream players like Sinopec Guangzhou, has developed a refining capacity of 13 million tons and an ethylene production capacity of 220,000 tons/year. So far the city has established an industrial chain comprising refining, ethylene, synthetic materials, coating, fine chemicals and rubber processing.

(3) Automobile

The city has three auto industrial clusters respectively in the east, north and south. The east cluster is based in districts of Huangpu and Zengcheng, gathering such automakers like GAC Honda, Honda (China) and BAIC Motor (Guangzhou). The north cluster is located in the city’s norther Huadu District. Huadu Autocity is home to Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, and includes Dongfeng Motor Corporation Passenger Vehicle Company (DFPV), GAC Hino Motors Co., Ltd. (Conghua), and Guangzhou GAC BYD New Energy Bus Co., Ltd., etc.. The south cluster in districts of Nansha and Panyu includes GAC Honda, three international auto industry parks, self-brand automobile project of GAC Group and project of GAC FCA (Guangzhou), etc..

(4) Shipbuilding

As one of the three shipbuilding bases in China, Guangzhou is home to 40+ shipbuilding enterprises, including over 20 ones capable of building ships. Main shipbuilding products include container ship, oil product tanker, large multi-functional chemical tanker, ro-ro ship, ro-ro passenger ship and semi-submersible ship.

(5) Drone

Drone makers in Guangzhou are mainly distributed in districts with solid manufacturing basis, such as Guangzhou Development District, Panyu, Nansha and Huadu, taking up about 20% of total annual output value of drones in China. As the country’s second largest drone manufacturing base, Guangzhou is a major player in the drone segment.

(6) Biomedicine

As one of the key bases for bio-pharmacy R&D and industrialization in China, Guangzhou has built a national engineering center for genetically-engineered medicines, while enterprises engaged in pharmaceutical and medical apparatus & instrument are mainly distributed in districts of Huangpu, Baiyun, Panyu and Haizhu. The city takes lead in R&D of medical materials such as molecular diagnosis, laboratory reagent and dialysis in medical apparatus & instrument segment. It is also a leader in the country’s stem cell segment.


(1) Software

With hundreds of software companies and 100,000 professionals in the software sector, Guangzhou ranked second among the top 50 Chinese cities in terms of informatization, and among the top three “Internet Plus” cities. For internet content service, Guangzhou has seen the establishment and development of multiple basic-trend application services, the rapid growth of mobile advertising platform operators, and the flourishing online game industry. Meanwhile, Guangzhou is home to China’s first enterprise who attains the core technique of 3D CAD industrial design.

(2) Electronic Information Engineering 

Companies in Guangzhou have steered the evolution of integrated circuits, mobile communication and satellite navigation, and dozens of regional headquarters and functional companies have settled in Pazhou Pilot Zone of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Economy. The Big Data Industrial Park in Guangzhou Development District has been enlisted as one of the first provincial big data industrial parks.

Modern Services

(1) Cultural & Creative Industry

Guangzhou has formulated and promulgated policies on integration and special support to cultural industry, including Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Integration of Culture and Finance in Guangzhou, and Opinions on Integration of Cultural & Creative Industry, Service Industry and Relevant Industries, providing favorable environment for the development of cultural industry.

(2) Financial Lease

The financial lease in Guangzhou covers various industries like shipping, automobile, rail transit, complete equipment set, energy, environmental protection, health, printing and building engineering. The customers are from the Pearl River Delta and other provinces of the country.

(3) Trade Fairs

With more than 1,300 convention & exhibition venues in the city, Guangzhou has seen the initial formation of a world-class e-commerce cluster. Known for its “Internet Plus” features, the cluster brings together various types of e-commerce, such as the comprehensive, vertical, financial, cross-border ones and traditional enterprise application, to achieve synergic development.