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Catalogue of Prohibited Foreign Investment Industries


I. Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Industries

1. Cultivation of China's rare precious breeds (including tine genes in plants industry, husbandry and aquatic products industry)

2. Production and development of genetically modified plants' seeds

3. Fishing in the sea area within the Government jurisdiction and in in-land water

II. Mining and Quarrying Industries

1. Exploring and mining of tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony, fluorite

2. Exploring, mining and dressing of radioactive mineral products

3. Exploring, mining and dressing of rare earth metal

III. Manufacturing Industry

1. Beverage Industry

(1) Processing of green lea and special tea with China's traditional crafts (famous tea, dark tea, etc.)

2. Medical and Pharmaceutical Products Industry

(1) Processing of traditional Chinese medicines that have been listed as the Regulations on Conservation and Management of Wild Chinese Medicinal Material Resources and Rare and Endangered Plants in China

(2) Application of preparing technique of traditional Chinese medicines in small pieces ready for decoction, like steam, frying, moxibustion, calcining, and production of the products of secret recipe of traditional Chinese patent medicines

3. Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting and Rolling Processing Industry

(1) Smelting and processing of radioactive mineral products

4. Special Equipment Manufacture Industry

(1) Manufacture of Weapons and Ammunition

5. Electric Machinery and Equipment Manufacture Industry

(1) Manufacture of open-lead-acid cells, mercury Button Type Silver Oxide Cells, paste dioxide-zinc battery and nickel cadmium cells

6. Industry Products and Other Manufacturing Industries

(1) Ivory carving

(2) Tiger-hone processing

(3) Production of bodiless lacquerware

(4) Production of enamel products

(5) Production of Xuan-paper (rice paper) and ingot-shaped tablets of Chinese ink

(6) Production of carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenesis and persistent organic pollutant products

IV. Production and Supply of Power, Gas and Water

1. Construction and management of conventional coal-fired power of condensing steam plants whose unit installed capacity is less than 300,000kW, within the small power grid, and the coal-fired power of condensing-extraction steam plants with dual use unit cogeneration

V. Communication and Transportation, Storage. Post and Telecommunication Services

1. Companies of air traffic control

2. Companies of postal services

VI. Leasing and Commercial Service Industry

1. Social investigation

VII. Scientific Research and technical Services Industries, Geological Prospecting

1. Development and application of human stem cells and gene diagnosis therapy technology

2. Geodetic survey, marine charting, mapping aerial photography, administrative region mapping, relief map of map compilation and navigation electronic map compilation of common map compilation

VIII. Irrigation, environment and public utilities management

1. Construction and management of nature reserve and international signify marshy

2. Development of resources about wild animals and plants be native to domestic protected by nation

IX. Education

1. Institution of compulsory education and special education, like military, policeman, politics and party school

X. Art, Sports and Entertainment Industries

1. News agencies

2. Business of publishing, producing, master issuing, and importing of books, newspaper and periodical

3. Business of publishing, producing, master issuing and importing of audio and visual products and electronic publications

4. Radio stations, TV stations, radio and TV transmission networks at various levels (transmission stations, relaying stations, radio and TV satellites, satellite up-linking stations, satellite receiving stations, microwave stations, monitoring stations, cable broadcasting and TV transmission networks)

5. Companies of publishing and playing of broadcast and TV programs

6. Companies of films making, issuing, business

7. News website, network audiovisual service, on line service location, internet art management

8. Construction and management of golf course

9. Gambling industry (including gambling turf)

10. Eroticism

XI. Other Industries

1. Projects that endanger the safety and performance of military facilities

XII. Other industries restricted by the State or international treaties that China has concluded or taken part in


1. In case Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement and its supplementary agreements, the Mainland and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement and its supplementary agreements, the Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement and its supplementary agreements, and free trade agreements signed between China and other countries have made provisions otherwise, the provisions shall prevail.

2. In case special provisions and industrial policy of the State Council have made provisions otherwise, the provisions shall prevail.

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