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Liwan Talents in Action to Fight against COVID-2019

Where there is an epidemic breakout, there is action. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it. Nowadays when the COVID-19 prevention and control have entered a critical stage, Liwan District has been strictly implementing the work arrangements of the municipal, provincial and central government. With stronger political leadership over talents of various fields, the District has mobilized their participation in epidemic prevention and control, material supplies, social services, publicity and guidance and so on, so as to effectively relieve the burdens of the country, society and people.

I. Relieve the burdens of the country and undertake responsibilities at hard times

In the face of the epidemic, the talents in the District have aligned their thoughts and actions with the arrangement and deployment of the district, municipal, provincial and central party committee, and assumed their due responsibilities in their positions, industries and fields respectively. Enterprises, especially Caizhilin, Liby, Guangkang Medical, Vision Optics and other expert-clustered enterprises, made their all-out efforts to provide supplies for epidemic prevention and control. Their acts showed the patriotism, social responsibility and the spirits of Liwan talents in the new era. For example, in order to ensure the supply of at least 200 tons of epidemic prevention raw materials to major hospitals in China by February 8, Comrade Kong Jian, the District’s leading TCM talent and Chairman of Caizhilin, has been working day and night since the Lunar New Year’s Eve. In fact, “early to bed and early to rise” (which means to go sleeping at 3 am and get up at 8 am) has become the norm for his Spring Festival.

Ⅱ.Bring expertise into play in joint defense and governance 

Since the fight against COVID-19 started, talents from different fields of the District have given full play to their professional, intellectual and resource advantages, and remained at the forefront of the battle. Comrade Lu Long, director of the District’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, set up an emergency team to tackle the acute infectious diseases cases of the District. Upholding the idea that “No rest will be taken until the fight is over”, he led the team to conduct over 200 field epidemiological investigations and more than 100 investigations over patients, suspected cases and close contacts, and to examine the health status of more than 100 visitors from Wuhan. Comrade Tan Guiyun, an expert on special allowances and party secretary of Liwan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave play to TCM’s advantage in disease prevention and formulated a TCM internal prevention prescription for frontline medical workers as well as a TCM epidemic prevention prescription for air sterilization in hospitals. Comrade Jiang Xiuxian, a “Sailing Program” talent and lawyer, provided professional interpretation of legal affairs relating to epidemic prevention and control emergencies and employment in WeChat groups and Moment, demonstrating the professionalism and social responsibility of lawyers. Experts from different sectors of the District also offered suggestions on collecting epidemic information and screening, stabilizing the social mind, and strengthening health and epidemic prevention.

Ⅲ. Make donation to support epidemic prevention and control

Talents from all walks of life in Liwan District worked together to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control. “Talents will remain at post until the epidemic is defeated”. They made donations worth more than 225 million yuan to secure the victory of the battle against the virus. Among them, Comrade Chen Kaixuan, a leading entrepreneurship talent in the District and chairman of the Liby Group, has donated anti-epidemic materials worth more than 200 million yuan to designated hospitals nationwide; Comrade Shen Ya, a high-level talent in the District, chairman and CEO of VIPSHOP, approved the company to donate 20 million yuan to Hubei Province and its capital city, Wuhan. The company also donated 333,000 meals to the frontline medical workers in Hubei Province.

Ⅳ. Play an exemplary role in publicity 

Liwan talents did what they could do and worked hard to spread positive messages in scientific protection and publicity guidance. For example, the District’s Leadership Group Office for Talent Works issued the Proposal on Mobilizing Talents in Liwan District into Anti-epidemic Campaign, and implemented one-stop online talent services during the epidemic prevention and control period, including admission of recruited graduates, professional title, archives and collective household. In this regard, all relevant materials would be delivered free of charge and timely notifications and epidemic prevention and control guidelines have been released on the WeChat official account, “Liwan Talent”. The VIPSHOP technology team has optimized the process of its office app Weimi to launch telecommuting. Besides, talents in the District have been mobilized to take lead in publicizing the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the District Party Committee and the District Government, popularizing scientific epidemic prevention knowledge, correctly interpreting prevention and control measures and clarifying doubts for the public. All these efforts have helped strengthen people’s confidence and determination to win the battle against the virus, and create a healthy, positive, harmonious and stable environment of public opinions and social atmosphere.