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On-line Household Registration Available for Talents in Guangzhou

According to Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (the Bureau), three government services will be launched across the city during the COVID-19 prevention and control period, including on-line household registration for talents recruited to work and settle down in Guangzhou.  

From now on, the on-line household registration will be available in all districts for all categories of talents recruited to work and settle down in Guangzhou. The applicants may apply via “Household Registration for Recruited Talents” under the “Services” column or the talent recruitment application system at the Bureau’s official website. In principle, the applicants are not required to show up for materials check. 

After approval, household registration information cards will be mailed to the recipients with freight collect. Where possible, district human resources and social security bureaus are encouraged to provide free mailing service to keep applicants home and avoid unnecessary trips. 

In addition, household registration for recruited talents may be postponed and re-handled later in Guangzhou. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has issued a circular stating that, enterprises and individuals unable to pay for their social insurances timely due to epidemic prevention and control can effect make-up payment in three months after the epidemic is over. According to this circular, the overdue payments and make-up payments by the applicants will be deemed as normal payments and will not have any impact on their application for household registration. For districts not included into the on-line household registration network, applicants who fail to show up for the household registration procedures (including appointment for household registration service) because of the epidemic can postpone their registration and will not constitute a breach of contract or rules. Where the public security authority of the household registration address requires the renewal of Guangzhou Household Registration Information Card, the human resources and social security departments at all levels shall unconditionally provide renewal service for the applicants.   

Furthermore, Guangzhou will launch “green channel service” for household registration of recruited talents. For special cases where the applicants have to show up for house registration procedures at the request of the examining departments or applicants, the human resources and social security departments at all levels should provide green channels and special individual service windows, with the epidemic prevention and control measures duly in place.